Borrowing from a successful behavioral health practice in Massachusetts, Multicultural Wellness West (MWW) provides innovative treatment approaches and practices, while maintaining a balance of core values related to service provision and as well as internal values that pertain to service providers.


Our Mission

The mission of Multicultural Wellness West provides high quality mental health services to diverse communities and those who have been historically underserved and underrepresented in the mental health field.



We will be the leading model for mental health and wellness services.


Core Values

• Treat consumer with dignity respect, empathy and kindness
• Utilizing client’s strength to create change
• Empowering families’ voice/choice
• Embrace cultural differences
• Develop and sustain community connections


Internal Values

• Team Building
• Confidentiality
• Open Communication
• Respect



• Provide evidence based treatment that is viewed and delivered through a cultural lens
• Confidentiality
• Develop strong community relationships with collaterals and community partners.
• Ongoing training and staff development related to cultural awareness to aid in cultural competency